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Advanced Negotiation and Mediation, Theory and Practice: A Realistic Integrated Approach, Second Edition

By: Paul J. Zwier, Thomas F. Guernsey
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ISBN: 9781601565136
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ISBN: 9781601565136
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In this new, updated edition ofAdvanced Negotiation and Mediation Theory and Practice, Paul Zwier and Thomas Guernsey present a strategic planning and integrated systematic approach to negotiation, which recognizes that both adversarial and problem-solving strategies have distinct advantages and that lawyers need to combine styles and strategies to achieve the best results for their clients.

Zwier and Guernsey provide attorneys with an outline to plan and implement effective negotiation techniques, using up-to-date situations throughout the book to demonstrate how understanding negotiation theory and practice can help them partner with their clients to make better strategic use of negotiation. The authors break down the counseling process into stages and show what information the client needs to make an informed decision. They then suggest and give examples of the techniques and skills that might be used to implement that decision in a negotiation and or mediation setting.

New material for this edition includes:

  new and expanded template for case evaluation
  new section on creative solutions for breaking deadlocks
  new section on forgiveness and reconciliation
  new ideas for integrating negotiation theory in mediation settings
  expanded discussion on ethics
  examples from products liability cases, employment cases
  new discussion of creative peacemaking from international conflicts

Advanced Negotiation and Mediation Theory and Practicegives you the organizational tools that will allow you to sufficiently simplify the complex negotiation and mediation process so you--and your client--can view it as a holistic part of the litigation process.


Thomas F. Guernsey

San Diego, CA

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Paul J. Zwier

Emory Univ School of Law
Atlanta, GA

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