National Institute for Trial Advocacy

Deposition Skills: Online

November 13,2019 thru November 15,2019
Tuition: $1645.00


NITA’s tried and true learning-by-doing method plus live feedback from our expert faculty all from the comfort of your office (or even home). Now available to the public, NITA is offering a deposition skills program ONLINE. No need to take time off from work and incur the expensive travel costs associated with it. This program uses the same materials, teaches the same skills and follows the same method as our in-person deposition skills programs.

First you’ll familiarize yourself with the case file then watch 3.3 hours of on-demand lectures and demonstrations featuring NITA faculty members such as Terre Rushton, John Baker and Hon. Christina Habas (among others). Next is 9 total hours of performance time in the online class room. For 3 hours a day over 3 consecutive days you, along with only 3 other participants, a witness and a faculty member will meet in a Zoom video performance room and go through the learning-by-doing workshops NITA is famous for.


Throughout the program you will practice, perform and perfect your style and skills in the areas of:

• working with documents and exhibits for information gathering

• testing your potential theories—legal, factual, or persuasive

• gaining admissions

• ethically preparing a witness


Then it’s time to take the stage, performing each of these elements in a series of simulated depositions and witness preparation exercises. You’ll get personalized coaching to help you immediately improve your skills. But unlike in an actual deposition where the outcome is real, with NITA you get to make instant course corrections and practice them again—with only your old habits at stake. NITA’s “learning-by-doing” method, when practiced in the safe harbor of the online classroom, allows you to take calculated risks and perform under pressure, without ever jeopardizing your client’s case or your own reputation.

After three days with NITA, you’ll return to your office empowered to make immediate use of everything you’ve learned—skills that will serve you well until the day you retire from practice.


Whether you are a seasoned trial attorney, brand new to your practice, or anywhere in between - attending a NITA deposition skills course will give you the skills you need to be a better advocate for your clients. Our world-class faculty will work with you at an individual level, giving you the tools you need to succeed and helping you develop a style and presence that is unique to you.


– On-demand lectures and demonstrations featuring NITA faculty members

– Course materials

– One on one personalized feedback from our expert program director

*Qualifies as one credit toward the NITA Advocate Designation

Program runs 9:00 am - 12:00 pm MT

Michael D. Johnson

UALR School of Law
Little Rock, AR

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CLE Credits

All states have different MCLE requirements. Please make sure that the state(s) you require credit for were either noted in your registration or communicated to the Program Specialist prior to the start of the program. NITA will not apply to states for course approval after the start of the program. Please note that if you do not complete the program in its entirety, some states do not award partial credit.

For an estimate of credit hours by program type, please see below.

States Based on a 50 Minute Credit Hour:
Trial Program: 36-75 Credits
Deposition Program: 16-25 Credits
Specialty Program: 8-22 Credits

States Based on a 60 Minute Credit Hour:
Trial Program: 30-63 Credits
Deposition Program: 13-21 Credits
Specialty Program: 7-20 Credits

If you need to know the exact number of credits for a specific program please contact your Program Specialist.


Pre-program preparation requires that you become familiar with the FACTS associated with the case file and/or problems.  In order to get the maximum benefit from the program, it is imperative that you prepare as much as possible in advance as time for preparation during the program is extremely limited.  Please refer to the program schedule for assignment details to prepare for your performances in each workshop.

Program materials will be shipped approximately four weeks prior to program's start date from our fulfillment company Wolters Kluwer. The materials packaging will be from Wolters Kluwer not NITA so please watch out for this shipment.

If you sign up 2 weeks prior to the course you will receive the case file electronically and the textbook will be shipped UPS Ground to the address on your application.

Advocate Designation

Are you serious about developing a well-rounded foundation in advocacy skills?
Prove it by completing the NITA Advocate Designation program.

Be recognized for your NITA training! Achieving a NITA Designation allows you to demonstrate your expertise to clients and colleagues. Upon completion of your required coursework, NITA will send you a letter, certificate and an e-mail with a special graphic logo attached. Use these documents to demonstrate your advocacy knowledge through your website, advertising, etc. The NITA Designation logo will also be added to your Martindale-Hubble profile.

The required courses for the NITA Advocate Designation include one building trial skills course, one deposition skills course and one specialty course. The courses can be purchased individually but we also offer discounted package pricing.


(Total price if programs are purchased individually: $7135)

In addition to this trial skills course, here are the other upcoming required courses in your area:
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