The NITA Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to providing resources to fulfill NITA's mission of public service to the legal community. Since 2003, it has disbursed over $3.25 million to support NITA's programs and to offer scholarship assistance to worthy applicants working with the underserved and historically disenfranchised populations. None of this would be possible without the support of its loyal donors.


Put simply, justice cannot be effectively sought - much less achieved - in the absence of competent and ethical advocates.

Posted By: Melissa Hailey, Jim Jeans Memorial Fund 2009 schoo

I came to this training unaware that the program would be so intense! But throughout the week, each day I gained something new and valuable to me. I met some wonderful people who shared their knowledge with me and for that I am grateful.

Posted By: Attendee of Navajo Tribal program

After returning from the NITA training, I was immediately confronted with my first jury trial. Thanks to my training, I was able to marshal the facts, organize and effectively use my exhibits, motions, objections and more. Thanks to the confidence I gained at NITA, the jury returned a favorable verdict for my client in under a half an hour. I can't thank you all enough.

Posted By: Aaron Esmailzadeh, Legal Aid Society of Louisville

Frankly, because many of us are not independently wealthy, the NITA Foundation enables us to do together what most of us could not do individually: underwrite millions of dollars in scholarships for worthy recipients. Being a part of that is very satisfying.

Posted By: Elizabeth Sher, NITA faculty member and partner of

Donations to the NITA Foundation support not only the attorneys who receive scholarship assistance but also all of the clients they serve. Now, we can advocate effectively and confidently for everybody who comes through our doors.

Posted By: Becky Steiger, Santa Barbara County Legal Aid Foun

My goal is to be the best child advocate I can be. In that pursuit, programs such as NITA's Building Trial Skills, helped me learn and practice in a safe environment with seasoned professionals. I believe that my participation has given me both immediate and long term benefits which I will bring to my clients everyday. Please extend my thanks to the many individuals and organizations that made this scholarship available to individuals like me who might not otherwise be able to partake.

Posted By: Cara Laren, Philadelphia Public Defender Associati

I represent the indigent criminal defendants in Manhattan, one of the richest cities. Under the shimmering architecture of a global financial capital, my clients struggle day to day. From methadone clinics, homeless shelters, and subway platforms, I manage a caseload of 80 to 100 clients with charge from infractions to felonies.

Posted By: Martin Morris, Legal Aid Society in Manhattan

We just got back from San Francisco for the NITA Teacher Training course & it was great. We just want to say thank you! The training team was wonderful and we really feel privileged to have had this chance. Thanks too for your financial contribution which enabled us to participate in this very useful program. The only way we can reciprocate the privilege is by ensuring that others get to benefit from what we gained from it.

Posted By: Anne Amadi, The Federation of Women Lawyers in Ken

I specialize in domestic violence cases and often oppose well-seasoned attorneys that are getting top dollar from the defendant. I believe that my victim clients should be able to have the same quality representation. Additionally, I would like to break the blue line for victims who have suffered at the hands of defendants who are members of law enforcement.

Posted By: Karen Richards, Legal Aid of North Carolina

We cannot allow the best and the brightest advocates with a commitment to public service to become disheartened due to inability to afford professional skills training. We need to provide more in the way of support.

Posted By: Zelda Harris, Clinical Professor of Law, James E.

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