Customized. Flexible. Strategic. Effective. No matter what you’re looking for in professional development at your firm or organization you can find it at NITA. Combining a time tested learning-by-doing method with a group of faculty made up of the nation’s leading practitioners, judges and law professors make NITA Custom programs unrivaled in quality, effectiveness and relevancy.

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"There are three ways to get real experience: a case or problem within the firm; a pro bono case; or a NITA program. The first two are very hard to obtain. NITA is available to your associates."

- A leading professional development officer

NITA is not just for trial skills anymore.

NITA is the market leader in custom skills training programs for leading law firms and governmental entities. In the last three years we trained over 7,000 attorneys at nearly 200 professional development programs. Drawing from our 40 years of training experience, our programs are unmatched in quality and relevance to the profession.

We have expanded our training menu to address the core competencies needed of both corporate and litigation associates. NITA's learning-by-doing programs are known for developing the following fundamental skills clients expect from associates:

  • The ability to strategically analyze a client issue,
  • The capability to effectively gather the facts in a cost effective fashion,
  • The capacity to advocate persuasively for the best solution for the client.

For years we have held programs that develop these competencies in workshop scenarios that replicate the corporate associate experience.

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